Going Analog

Though I've been filming and photographing with dSLRs for a while now, I've never taken film photos. So, over this past winter break I purchased an Olympus OM-1 camera with some lenses from Goodwill's auction site. The camera was preserved in excellent condition by its original owner whose name is still on the leather case. I did some digging online and it appears he passed away in 2004. His son passed away in December 2014 and I imagine this camera found its way to Goodwill shortly thereafter. 

Shooting film photos was a very different experience for me than taking digital photos or video. I'm usually working on a tight deadline when filming/photographing with my dSLR and as a result it's become more of a work tool than a toy. I found myself leisurely capturing the 36 exposure over the course of 4 weeks with the OM-1, hoping I didn't completely screw up the shot. Pressing the shutter release is very gratifying as the OM-1 shakes slightly each time you capture a scene. Below are a few of the exposures from my first roll.