Next semester I'll be TA'ing (alongside a couple of my classmates) an intro journalism class called Digital Narratives w/ R.B. Brenner and Robert Quigley at UT's Journalism school. They're giving us a lot of latitude to shape the class and teach storytelling methods we think are relevant to journalism now and in the future. I'm spending a few days teaching students how to tell stories with different hardware/software. I spent this past evening putting together some simple sensors. Below is a photo of an alcohol sensor that triggers a light and a piezo speaker when alcohol gas levels hit a certain threshold. Learning how to use the Arduino software/hardware platform really helped me have a better understanding of how stuff works and as a result made me curious about all the gadgets I come in contact with (how do thermostats work? How does wireless work? etc.) Though it's a quick few days with the Arduino, I'm hope the students come away with similar questions.